New Haven Bike Party Plaid Ride – Recap

Thank You Sock Drive.png

THANK YOU to the 30+ Bike Party Riders! We gathered 60 pairs of socks just before Thanksgiving for Columbus House

Thank you to Town Pizza for offering a discount with sock donations!

New Haven Bike Party is truly proud to be a part of New Haven, creating community, and doing good for New Haven.

BI4AtDR8l0M5SlMm3jQAigCeNwH9LFPsMxEi29fQhKA copy (1).jpg

Starting off:



Then we ride:13.jpg3.jpg15.jpg14.jpg

Rest stop 1: Quinnipiac River Park, Fair Haven, New Haven


Then we continued our ride


Rest Stop 2: East Shore Park


Then we rode back to Town Pizza to eat pizza. Thank you again to Town Pizza for their collaboration in helping Columbia House, buy offering a discount to Bike Partyers that donated socks.

TOWN PIZZA (2).jpg

27.jpg28 copy.jpg29.jpg

Then pizza time at Town Pizza. Thank you all for coming out, thank you to Town Pizza and thank you for all your generosity.30.jpg

See you next month!


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