New Haven Bike Party Robots Vs. Aliens


The showdown we’ve all been waiting for– who will control the planet after destroying the humans– will it be robots, in a Skynet-like attack? Or will it be our alien overlords, who will no doubtedly force us into labor in their underground sugar caves.

There can be only one! You decide! You ride. Bike Party!!

Robots Vs Aliens (facebook event) Meet 7:30PM, New Haven Green. Ride leaves 8PM.

westville takeover.jpg

After party: Westville Takeover! Food truck eats with The Farm Belly, Free Salsa Lessons with Alisa’s HouseofSalsa, Free arcade games with Strange Ways, vibe and fun at Lotta Studio.Come hungry! BIKE PARTY!!!



Costume ideas9392941bb1b0bdb0fa0eb939660b4415.jpgava.jpghqdefault-1.jpg

Come join the fun!! Bike Party!!!!


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