New Haven Bike Party Robots Vs. Aliens – Recap


What an excellent Bike Party!!! Big, big, big thank yous to The Farm Belly for joining us and keeping us well fed. Huge thank you to Lotta Studio & Strange Ways for opening your doors to us and shoutout to Alisa’s House of Salsafor teaching us that if you have difficulty dancing, if you’re a robot or alien– you can learn to dance salsa!

Starting Off:



The ride:


After Party at Westville Takeover. Thank you for the warm welcome Lotta Studio!IMG_20160820_153850.jpg

Farm Belly Food Truck13962591_1639272016358665_3906751612340128120_n.jpg

Strange Ways

14102762_1641088142843719_3812634668833981106_n (1).jpg14045979_1641088096177057_3332525652288517958_n.jpg

Alisa’s House os Salsa


See you next month! BIKE PARTY!!



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