New Haven Bike Party Rainbow Ride — Recap


What an awesome New Haven Bike Party Rainbow Ride!! Beautiful weather, beautiful people and a joyous time exploring New Haven with new friends!!

People of all ages were decked out head to toe in some ROCKING rainbow colors!!

Big thanks again to Bradley Street Street Bike Co-op for being our excellent mid-point hosts. A big, big thanks to The Happiness Lab and Elm City Games for providing the afterparty venue and free games for Bike Partyers!

Here are some highlights.

• Start point


En Route:


Halfway Point at Bradley Street Bike Co-Op:


Continuing on:


Afterparty at the Happiness Lab with Elm City Games, including FREE games for Bike Partyers. We had fun, played games…



…and then things got weird (in a good way 😉 )20160312_163034

Thanks again guys!!!

Join Us Friday, April 8th for New Haven Bike Party Spring Ride!! (Facebook event)




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