New Haven Bike Party: Black & White Ride!

January Bike PartyWinter is here, which mean Bike Party DAY RIDES. Bike Party will be rocking our first Bike Party of 2016 with hoppin’ DAY RIDE. Same Bike Party, Same Fun 🙂

New Haven Bike Party: BLACK & WHITE Ride!! SATURDAY, 1/16. Meet at 1:30PM. Leave at 2PM.

So come one come all! Pandas! Penguins! Mimes! Dress in all white, dress in all black, do a combo, but most importantly show up ready to have some fun and ready to explore New Haven with Bike Party buds and Bike Party tunes! Join us! BIKE PARTY!!!!

Meet NHV Green 1:30PM. Leav at 2PM. We ride to Overseas Brewing Co. in East Haven. We will be following this route:

Overshore Brewing



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