New Haven Bike Party Animal Ride


Meow meow! Woof woof! Ooo Aaah!! What could it be??? Why it’s New Haven Bike Party ANIMAL RIDE!!!

Get down in your BAAAAAHddest costume and Bike Party on Fri August 14. Meet 7:30 @ New Haven Green. Ride leaves 8PM.

We will be having out Bike Party After Party Lyric Hall Antiques & Conservation starting at 10:30PM. Bike Partyers and Non-Bike Partyers alike!!!


Here is the route:

Point A: New Haven Green (start)

Point B: The Sound School (Stop 1)

Point C: Peabody Museum (Stop 2)

Point D: Lyric Hall (After Party)

Bike Party!!!!


lady_rainicorn__and_jake_the_dog_by_angela808-d6g59sj Muppets-Group-Bicycle-Ride Shrek3-mice ap,550x550,16x12,1,transparent,t.u3


One thought on “New Haven Bike Party Animal Ride

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