Catching Up

What has New Haven Bike Party been up to for the last year, you may ask?  A lot!

NHBP’s founder, Coby has moved across the country, and in his place, a group of 5 up and coming, enthusiastic organizers have joined together to co-organize New Haven Bike Party.

Over the last 10 months, we’ve helped organize:

The Red, White & Blue Bash:

An Independence Day inspired ride around town, from the New Haven Green to City Point to the Farmington Canal trail.


We wrapped up the ride at the illustrious Bradley Street Bike Co-op for a Bike Party Birthday Party/Farewell Bash for Coby. We had chips, cake, and even a Mayoral proclamation!


Surf’s Up Ride

A radical ride that spanned multiple bridges, from the Green to Fairhaven and back to chillax at Ashley’s Ice Cream!


Nerd Ride



Nightmare on Elm Street




And a bunch of amazing winter rides!


We are excited to be a part of New Haven Bike Party,  and hope you join us for our next ride!!!


New Haven Bike Party Plaid Ride – Recap

Thank You Sock Drive.png

THANK YOU to the 30+ Bike Party Riders! We gathered 60 pairs of socks just before Thanksgiving for Columbus House

Thank you to Town Pizza for offering a discount with sock donations!

New Haven Bike Party is truly proud to be a part of New Haven, creating community, and doing good for New Haven.

BI4AtDR8l0M5SlMm3jQAigCeNwH9LFPsMxEi29fQhKA copy (1).jpg

Starting off:



Then we ride:13.jpg3.jpg15.jpg14.jpg

Rest stop 1: Quinnipiac River Park, Fair Haven, New Haven


Then we continued our ride


Rest Stop 2: East Shore Park


Then we rode back to Town Pizza to eat pizza. Thank you again to Town Pizza for their collaboration in helping Columbia House, buy offering a discount to Bike Partyers that donated socks.

TOWN PIZZA (2).jpg

27.jpg28 copy.jpg29.jpg

Then pizza time at Town Pizza. Thank you all for coming out, thank you to Town Pizza and thank you for all your generosity.30.jpg

See you next month!

New Bike Party Plaid Ride

Plaid Ride.png

New Haven Bike Party present Plaid Ride! Bring your best plaid and join us on our New Haven Bike Party DAYTIME ride on Saturday, Nov 19. Meet 1:30PM on the New Haven Green. Ride leaves 2pm. Bike Party!

New Haven Bike Party is a monthly SLOW group ride with stereos, costumes, dancing, community and cheer- join us! Free and welcome to ALL riders of ALL levels. We go a SLOW 8-ish miles (with breaks) and explore all parts of the New Haven community. So hop on a bike, meet some new folks and enjoy New Haven on a bike!

Here is the route:

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.33.20 PM.png
New Haven Bike Party Plaid Ride Afterparty at Town Pizza

TOWN PIZZA (2).jpg

As a benefit to Columbus House, every rider who donates socks as part of sock drive, gets $1 off slice, or $3 off full pizza. And pitchers of beer are cheap 😀

Local community, local restaurant, local causes and BIKE PARTY!!!

New Haven Bike Party Plaid Ride
Saturday, Nov 19
New Haven Green
Meet 1:30p
Leave 2p

New Haven Bike Party Monster Mash

Monster Mash (1).png

Bike Party. Monster Style. Be monsters. Dress like monsters. Drink Monsters. Bike Party!

New Haven Bike Party Monster Mash Afterparty will be at The Outer Space / The Ballroom $1 off drafts for Bike Partyers, kitchen open late

New Haven Bike Party Monster Mash.

Fri Oct 21. • New Haven Green. • Meet 7:30p, Ride 8p. • Theme: Monster • Afterparty: The Outer Space (Hamden, CT)

Route: Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 2.39.12 PM.png

Here are some ideas:



See you soooOOOOooon

New Haven Bike Party Under the Sea

Under the Sea.jpg

Under the Sea… under the sea… down where its wetter… down where its better… take it from meeeeeeeeee

New Haven is a monthly group bike ride with a different route each month and a different theme. We wear silly clothes and ride bikes on a Friday night. Join us!

Under the Sea Ride (facebook event), Sat. 9/17, 7:30PM Wooster Sq. Ride leaves 8pm.

New Haven Bike Party on WSHU:

New Haven Bike Party Robots Vs. Aliens – Recap


What an excellent Bike Party!!! Big, big, big thank yous to The Farm Belly for joining us and keeping us well fed. Huge thank you to Lotta Studio & Strange Ways for opening your doors to us and shoutout to Alisa’s House of Salsafor teaching us that if you have difficulty dancing, if you’re a robot or alien– you can learn to dance salsa!

Starting Off:



The ride:


After Party at Westville Takeover. Thank you for the warm welcome Lotta Studio!IMG_20160820_153850.jpg

Farm Belly Food Truck13962591_1639272016358665_3906751612340128120_n.jpg

Strange Ways

14102762_1641088142843719_3812634668833981106_n (1).jpg14045979_1641088096177057_3332525652288517958_n.jpg

Alisa’s House os Salsa


See you next month! BIKE PARTY!!


New Haven Bike Party Robots Vs. Aliens


The showdown we’ve all been waiting for– who will control the planet after destroying the humans– will it be robots, in a Skynet-like attack? Or will it be our alien overlords, who will no doubtedly force us into labor in their underground sugar caves.

There can be only one! You decide! You ride. Bike Party!!

Robots Vs Aliens (facebook event) Meet 7:30PM, New Haven Green. Ride leaves 8PM.

westville takeover.jpg

After party: Westville Takeover! Food truck eats with The Farm Belly, Free Salsa Lessons with Alisa’s HouseofSalsa, Free arcade games with Strange Ways, vibe and fun at Lotta Studio.Come hungry! BIKE PARTY!!!



Costume ideas9392941bb1b0bdb0fa0eb939660b4415.jpgava.jpghqdefault-1.jpg

Come join the fun!! Bike Party!!!!

New Haven Bike Party: Birthday Ride! – Recap

Copy of New Haven Bike Party 1st Birthday Ride.pngThank you to all who came out to celebrate New Haven Bike Party’s 1st Birthday. Big, big thanks to no worries brewing co. for hosting us and helping us celebrate!

Thank you also to WSHU for following us along. Enjoy their story about us, here:

Enjoy some photos:



The ride


At No Worries


The PierIMG_20160709_151748.jpg

Jhtx6Do.jpgGreat ride everyone! Thank you so so much for coming! Here’s to another year of bike party!!!